Tuesday, April 12, 2011

for akp

still songs to sing beyond

who brought us to this fast fading ledge

blaze clouds of breath into the roots

so i'll leave it to you to analyze the hand writing

next to the hailstones

bang on the mirror all you want

you have to take rock

touch bodies untouched

touch them all

everything we need we have right here

a world under the world

appearing reappearing into the next opening

image orbit, blood orbit

we only go away so we can feel
my eyes are filled with the sounds of what she's doing

everything by hands the mother

the sweet juices of your mouth

rolls a relationship blubbered out

i swear i'll never be the same again

the beamwind portrait and replica

and then help me because and then cut me

i say my roaring shadow

if ever there was a mistake

the field the sky

where i meet you in the median

looping the undending loop

betrays without definite purpose

the ones who make of death

Sunday, March 13, 2011

poems from dec. 29

1. we are very patient, descending
from which the insurgents were attacking
to the house to the spaceships
with its point just touching
its silver glare there next to the hail stones
regardless of the space left beneath
the quieter fringe of trees
unfulfilled self-fulfilling prophecies
momentary spasms of the world
obligation is an opening
thick noises washed my mouth
i am suspicious of the last line
in front of a firing squad
a diametric opposite

what is you wanted to bed me
we don't know we're alive
what if you didn't want to put clothes on
we are suffering feet first
the best scene in the movie
heaving sea the same eurydice
the traffic stopped and a crowd watched
breath seizes you right into the metaphor-flurry
three teenage girls surround a boy
great glowing fault outward
please please please please
the consonant forests i want to love alive
the rusty hanger abortion joke
we are the ones who make of death

the morning plum gilded
joseph makes sense of the big man's dreams
the scene of the crime loose sky
i put a large duffel bag of explosives into my mouth
the field is the sky our master the dream
now if it happens again i won't be ready
our word accretion volcanic
any moment it could stop suddenly stop
surviving is its deformation
me and my metaphysical alienation
vibrate into the furrows
and if my voice is music it is unintelligible

you were trying to convince me that we should buy shovels
orpheus already needed the movemen of writing
i put you in a cage with sausages and bacon
go to the door
the radio is playing your favorite song
plunging into the earth
i never liked that ending the constant refolding of dreams
my in breaths and counting my out breaths
whiskey and kisses for everyone
without boundaries where these ears are
leading out bodies in a dumpster
how could i not be the work of descending
mounting the stairs in lamplight
gripped and undone i am hunting for something

care is clear hear her clear
the tripped alarm in your cockpit
gripped and undone revealing my bookshelf
as we hurl along suddenly stop
behind the world eternity teeth departed
my unmedicated eyes
the infinite distance he gave me death
until the dosage was a perfect ten
place of language you've always known on the edge
wanders and drags me
i revolt therefore we are
my poems and their party schedule
bodies and their intervals inherit the empire
everyone smile that's it

marching marching new new new new day
a return backwards at every moment
anasthesia for infants
threshold of the individual
the author's name misspelled
a vibrating complex
pumping me full of progesterone
transcendence of a stranger
every touch so much imperceptible
opening out of a limitless field
and of course that irritable reaching
universe in a dazzling wake
erasing the family narrative
of being being being being

my father has a nightmare
i leave my desire stranded
we will change everything nothing
swimming alongside the narrator
but she dreams dreams
and consequently lonely walks
this morning alone
all has remained over loud bells
things inside other things
bird who was and was
bleeding shits and pills
hospitality thus becomes dreams limbs
i get drunk and go out dancing
in the absolute of overthrowing

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


the possibility spread out unto all the ways. responses that suggest violent transformation. i leave my desire a demon behind time. a collision in the dark. in secret language transcendence of a stranger. i touch myself i dream. confront the unspeakable with your tongue. secret and unrepeatable. the thrall in ourselves. the doorways we had hoped for. inside and not inside. tell me we'll never get used to it. breath touching in dreams limbs. caught in the throat like a lump of meat.

Monday, November 29, 2010


i am calm now with my pounds of meat. in the midst of what is not sayable in the dark. naughty fetus, hiding like that. i leave my desire stranded. sleepless, running out of lullabies. this is the deepest this light. verse chorus verse. hospitality thus becomes. whisky and kisses for everyone. i always wanted, i always wanted. reeling savage headlong insatiable. people look wonderful together. in its swerving and rushing syntax. lines that vibrate into the furrows.

Friday, September 17, 2010

you have trapped yourself in the wrong body. the plural of universe between. you hot-wired death get in and drive away. re-perform the taste make lover dream ghosts. the dirty shorts of a summer fat man. there is some use in shadows. i've never had it done so gently before. spread into seabirds. he killed her with the shock of his body. a sentence a very open shore. you're dealing with words one word at a time with all the circuits that are in your mind with all the things that impinge on you. there is no body this is not mythology. in fact some of them really are just that. which is itself double and distance, distance in the ears and heaviness in hearing. old war tapes. how a symbolic system articulates itself in a political one.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


his hand is one of the unbearable mysteries. don quixote was a spaniard, he did not imagine things. and don't let any smooth old voices ease you out of it. i go to the funeral hall where it wrenches presence absolutely. this time in the bathtub i bit what i thought was his hand; it came off in my mouth. repetition and variation, then, is you here. i can disappear before your eyes, killing you. a charming thing, a disconcerting thing, the first social institution. that's like getting married and thinking you can crack your wife or husband. off into the raptures you you are mad. there is a dragon under the sea guarding a pearl. remakes the anatomy without pity. then i count the lines on the page, and then count the letters in the line and find one of the letters. so then picasso has his splendor, destroyed as never been destroyed.